Here are some quick tips to help you add a new Clinician or Non-Clinician to eNoteFile. After logging into eNoteFile you’ll be able to create an additional login. 

Number 1 Log into eNoteFile

Log into eNoteFile and go to Settings then Manage User/Clinicians 

Setting button
User Clinician Settings

Number 2 Add Clinician or Non-Clinician

You have the option to add a Clinician or Non-Clinician. Enter their required information when adding the new user. Make sure to use a unique email address (one that has not been used with eNoteFile).

  • Clinician – Can access the system with a diary – Can take appointments
  • Non-Clinician – Can access the system – No diary
Add Clinician or Non Clinician
Clinician info

Number 3 Activate the account 

Once you have entered the required information and clicked save, the new user will receive an email to activate their account and create a password. 

Example of activation email