Stripe is our integrated payment gateway. Having access to a payment gateway option allows you to receive payments directly from your clients. We’ve integrated with Stripe ( to allow you to easily accept credit card payment for services or products you provide.

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Step 1: Activate Metered Services

First, we’ll need a credit card on file. This is to verify your account and enable other metered services.

  • SMS reminders
  • Online booking
  • Payment gateway

Already have a credit card on file? Great you can skip this step.

Go to Subscription to sign up and enter your address and credit card information. Log into eNoteFile and go to Settings then Manage Subscription.

Setting button


Step 2: Create and Activate your Stripe account

Now that you’ve enabled metered services, you’ll be able to integrate a Stripe account. To setup the Payment gateway, go to receive payments in the settings section. Go to Settings then Receive Payments.

Setting button

And setup a Stripe account. To setup a Stripe account you’ll need some details like:

  • Business details (Phone number, address, website/Facebook, description, etc)
  • Tax information
  • Bank details (nominate a bank account to receive payments)
  • And an email address to activate the account

Stripe account

Step 3: Create an invoice and take a payment

All done. Now that you have setup and linked your Stripe account, you’ll be able to create an invoice and receive payment by processing a credit card. Stripe integrated payment gateway, like SMS reminders and online booking, is billed on a usage basis. Please refer to our pricing page for pricing details.

Process a payment

Add a card

Need more help?

We understand that sometimes it can seem a bit tricky to get started, or you might just need a bit more information. So if you’ve still got questions about setting up your Stripe payment gateway, or any other issues, please let us know. We’d love to answer it and help you get started. You can contact us via: