About eNoteFile

With a client and business-focused background we build practitioner-friendly software solutions.

Trusted by Customers

Organisations use eNoteFile because they experience how going electronic can be better, with fast, purpose-built and easy-to-use software. Our software solution is designed by a team of practitioners and developed by experienced in-house product developers.
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Clinical practice and IT know-how

eNoteFile is a combination of our clinical practice background and in-house IT team. It was founded by clinicians, practitioners and IT professionals. Our team is spread across offices in Geelong and Melbourne in Australia, and Quito, in Ecuador. We include allied health clinicians, other professionals from different industries and IT development and service desk support experts, who all get a buzz out of helping thousands of users go electronic!

Industry Insights

eNoteFile is made up of a group of passionate clinicians and practitioners, and expert IT professionals who love helping allied health clinics and other professional practices from any industry, go electronic. We enable clinics and practices to take digital notes, make appointments and invoice their patients and clients quickly and simply, with the solution of our software and using tablets that are developed specifically for speed and mobility.

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