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How does eNoteFile work?
Why should I use eNoteFile?
Is eNoteFile really free?
What's the pricing model?
How will eNoteFile affect my day-to-day processes?
Is eNoteFile easy to use/learn?
Is eNoteFile secure?
Which tablet should I use with eNoteFile?
Why handwrite and draw your notes?
How to get the best handwriting experience? (Active digitiser-pen)
Can I cancel or change my plan anytime?
How does eNoteFile work?

eNoteFile is a cloud-based notetaking and filing software, which also has scheduling and billing functions. It offers a fast, beautiful writing and drawing experience on your own custom forms. It’s professional, but also simple to use (and a bit of fun). It’s fully web-based, so you can login from anywhere online via our website (no installation needed). And it’s free (no credit card needed)!

Why should I use eNoteFile?

With eNoteFile, you don’t need to change what you know. While other products make you type or change your workflow, eNoteFile is designed to keep you writing best-practice, handwritten professional notes with the smoothest digitiser tablets on the market.

We also understand that every organisation has their own way of taking and filing client notes, and we don’t want to change that. eNoteFile is built with flexibility in mind, so you can file the way you know best.

eNoteFile is designed and developed by experienced physiotherapists with years of clinical knowledge. We actively engage with our customers so we know that eNoteFile meets the real needs of today’s physiotherapists. We ensure that our support team have in-depth knowledge of how things work in allied health, so you get the best service possible.

Is eNoteFile really free?

Absolutely… eNoteFile’s core functions are 100% free! You can sign up and use our WebNotes, diary and invoicing functions (and more), with no credit card required. We also offer some optional pay-per-use add-ons, like SMS reminders, online booking and Stripe payment gateway integration (but you don’t have to use any of these if you don’t want to).

The financial benefits of going electronic are pretty straightforward eg. reduced filing time, storage space and remote access, integrated billing and diary etc… let alone the professional and marketing benefits of using technology in your organisation eg. a modern look, photos, images, email.

And now there’s never been a better time to do it – awesome new tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad Pro, enable you to get the most out of eNoteFile’s purpose-built cloud-based software. Still, we know it’s a big decision and pricing is important. That’s why ours is cost-effective and straightforward.

What's the pricing model?

It’s really simple. We want to help as many users as possible to ‘go electronic’ and take and file notes the way they like to, particularly handwriting and drawing, so we’ve made those eNoteFile functions completely free (as well as our diary and invoicing). If you’d like to also take advantage of some of the extra time-saving organisational functions, like reminding clients of their appointment, letting clients make bookings via your website and/or accepting integrated payments online, then those functions are only charged if/when you use them.

How will eNoteFile affect my day-to-day processes?

eNoteFile will help to improve your practice’s efficiency and collaboration, as well as the integrity of your client notes.

  • If you’re still using paper-based client notes, eNoteFile can save you hours in filing time, not to mention storage space.
  • If you work across multiple sites, collaborating and sharing notes is easy with eNoteFile’s cloud-based storage solution.
  • Communicating with patients is simple – send notes, forms, or other attachments to your patients via email or personalised printouts, directly from eNoteFile.
  • Your patients can rest easy, knowing that their information and notes are encrypted and stored securely.
Is eNoteFile easy to use/learn?

eNoteFile is purpose-built for best-practice notetaking and works the way you do already, so learning how to use it is simple. You just login, see your notes and away you go. You can take your notes quickly, and maintain good eye contact and body language to establish rapport with your patients. And you’ve still got time for that important hands-on management.

And finding your notes is fast and easy with our unique and visual filing system. We understand and really prioritise the trust and empathy that comes from knowing a patient’s past history in real-time.

Uploading your existing clinical notes, forms and other templates into eNoteFile is customisable, so going electronic doesn’t mean you have to change the way you take notes.

And rest assured, if there’s any issues using eNoteFile, our dedicated support team are just a phone call or email away.

Is eNoteFile secure?

Yes, all website communications and data is secured and encrypted. eNoteFile is a cloud based system that utilises the latest security protocols to deliver fast and secure WebNotes, invoicing and diary software.

Integrated Security and Backup Features

  • Secure User Access and Authentication
  • Automated Backups
  • Data Encryption
  • Active System Monitoring

For more information go to eNoteFile Security.

Which tablet should I use with eNoteFile?

eNoteFile is cloud-based, no installation required clinical software and works on any device with an active internet connection. Once you’ve signed up, log in to eNoteFile via a browser and start using the program. For the best handwriting and drawing experience, make sure you are using a device with a stylus, this includes Android, Microsoft an Apple devices.


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Please go to Tablet Information for our recommendation.

Why handwrite and draw your notes?

The 10 key factors of quality physiotherapy from a patients’ perspective, can relate to how you take electronic notes:

  1. Therapist is caring, friendly and listens.
  2. Body language builds rapport, shows empathy and maintains trust.
  3. Puts the patient at ease during examination and treatment.
  4. Keeps detailed clinical notes.
  5. Knows the patients current and past history.
  6. Maintains eye contact and speaks directly to the patient.
  7. Receptive to what the patient has to say.
  8. Keeps up-to-date with the latest knowledge.
  9. Treats each patient as an individual.
  10. Provides ‘hands-on’ treatment.


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How to get the best handwriting experience? (Active digitiser-pen)

eNoteFile recommends an ‘active digitiser‘ pen/stylus that has been specifically designed for the digitiser device (tablets like Apple iPad, Android or Microsoft Surface).

A ‘passive stylus’ (like the Jot Flip) is handy because it can be used on any device, but it’s not especially designed for an Apple iPad, Android or Microsoft Surface device. Whereas an Apple Pencil and Microsoft Surface Pen is an ‘active digitiser‘ specifically designed to ‘connect’ to the device and hence gives a much better writing experience, which eNoteFile utilises in our interface. It has more electronics inside, and hence costs a bit more.

Can I cancel or change my plan anytime?

Yes, there’s no obligation or long-term contract. You can cancel using eNoteFile and/or any of your optional paid add-ons at the end of each month. We hope you’ll fall in love with eNoteFile and never want to stop using it!

Start your trial today, and learn how eNoteFile will improve your practice.

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