eNoteFile Features

eNoteFile is purpose-built to facilitate handwriting and drawing your clinical notes on any device right alongside the eNoteFile practice management software.

Clinical Notes Features

Write Your Notes By Hand

eNoteFile is purpose-built to facilitate handwriting and drawing your clinical notes, using the latest digitiser tablets.

Flexible Filing Solution

eNoteFile is a dedicated notetaking and filing solution. eNoteFile saves you time by allowing you to file and find your clinical notes the way you like.

Import Your Note Templates

eNoteFile allows you to use your own organisation-specific templates, as well as access a library of standardised templates.

Add Clinical Images

eNoteFile allows you to include electronic images as part of your notes. You can access radiology images or take photos of your patient’s injury.

Practice Management Features


Quickly create invoices and receive payments directly from your appointments and notes.


Easily create client appointments for an individual practitioner or the whole clinic. Customise your view for your preferred number of practitioners and time period.

SMS Reminder

Easy solution to help remind clients about their appointments – simply set a reminder time and we do the rest.

Online Booking

Easy solution to help clients create their own appointments – simply set available practitioners, appointment types and appointment times.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Easy solution to receive credit card payments from clients after invoicing appointments and products.

Bulk SMS

Quickly and easily communicate important messages with your clients through a bulk SMS message.

Features & Benefits

Handwrite & Draw

Build rapport and trust with your clients while you electronically handwrite and draw notes.

Custom Templates

Use the templates you’re familiar with providing a smooth transition to handwrite and draw your notes with clients.

Electronic Filing

Save space and potentially clear out filing cabinets while we automatically file your notes and client details.

SMS Reminders

Tired of did not attends, use SMS reminders to take the front foot and help keep clients engaged.


Access your notes on any device – Apple, Android or Windows – with an active internet connection.


Add clients past history, referrals, progress videos and many more items needed to build an extensive case file.


Simple and effective personal diary for each user to keep track of their day.


Generate invoices for appointments individually or group invoice multiple appointments.


Create your own custom appointments.

Group Classes

Create your own custom group classes.


Use internal reports for appointment revenue, client acquisitions and many more.

Contacts & Acquisitions

Simply and effectively capture and track client acquisitions by logging a contact for each client and report on how they heard about you, to utilise in your own business/marketing data.

Online Booking

Help your clients make appointments at any time via your Website or Facebook page.

Remote Cloud Access

Securely access your notes anywhere and at any time.

Secure Notes

Secure and encrypted notes and client information routinely backed up.

Membership Support

Experienced Clinical and Technical support staffs with years of experience ready to help you go electronic.
For the best experience we recommend Apple iPad Pro or Windows Surface Pro.