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I use eNoteFile and am extremely happy! It is a huge time and paper saver. It is wonderful to be able to use a visual representation while seeing the patient. Thank you.

Dr José Ventura - 04/09/2019

Clinica Talticpac

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I have been using eNoteFile since February 2018; after a short period of adjustment I am finding it a much more efficient way of keeping notes using a combination of the keyboard and the Apple Pencil. I have appreciated the software improvements and the willingness of the team at eNoteFile to listen to feedback.

John Canning

John Canning - 4/6/18

Peakhurst Physiotherapy

Just wanted to give you some feedback. We have well and truly settled in with eNoteFile now. It’s working really well for us. We love it.

Renwick Physio logo

Anne - 8/6/18

Renwick Sports Physiotherapy

The change-over went really well and all the practitioners much prefer this paperless system 🙂

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Office Manager, Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy

Easy to use, versatile, the simplest and most useful computerised package I’ve ever used.

Mary Toomey

Mary Toomey


Bruce is extremely professional and efficient and I would recommend his products to anyone wanting to introduce electronic note keeping into their Physiotherapy practice. eNoteFile is easy to use and I trust the product to deliver on a daily basis.

Sally Wride

Physiotherapist/Practice Owner, Concept Physio

Way, way easier than paper. Made us much ‘nimbler’ as an organisation. Removed 15 filing cabinets from our office.

Jean Benham

Director, Vital Health

Honestly, I am thrilled to bits. The new system is working seamlessly, great job! I’m using eNoteFile with my iPad Pro and it’s working brilliantly! Very easy to navigate, efficient to use, and I am finding it much faster to get things done.

Rod Williams

Rod Williams - 29/5/18


Just thought I’d let you know, eNoteFile is a fabulous program and it makes my note taking life a thousand times easier. It is the best program I have used by far!

Dr Grace Stephen

Dr Grace Stephen - 8/6/18

Wholesome Health Chiropractic

eNoteFile is absolutely fantastic! Really enjoying being free of filing. And great service from both the clinical support and IT service desk team.

Janetta Webb

Janetta Webb

Physiotherapist/Owner, Janetta Webb Physio

We are so happy with eNoteFile and I have mentioned it a number of times to other practitioners when they’re looking for a clinical notes program. The more you use eNoteFile’s functionality the more benefits you find for your practice.

Physiotherapist treating patient on a table

Natalie Rutsche

Osteopath/Owner, West End Osteopathic Clinic

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