Stripe Terms

  1. These terms are provided in addition to our general user terms 
  2. These terms apply to the usage of eNoteFile’s Stripe integration. 
  3. By using the Stripe integration to accept payments through eNoteFile you accept these terms. 
  4. These terms apply in addition to the Services Agreement that applies between you and Stripe. See 
  5. eNoteFile utilises Stripe’s Connect Account feature to allow for our customers to process charges for their clients. 
  6. eNoteFile charges an application fee for the usage of Stripe to charge customers through eNoteFile. Refer to for pricing information. 
  7. eNoteFile application fees are recorded and charged monthly through our billing system. 
  8. eNoteFile application fees will be billed in Australian Dollars (AUD) regardless of your application or payment method currency. 
  9. If a currency conversion fee is charged to convert between Australian Dollars (AUD) and the currency of your payment method, you will be liable to pay that fee. 
  10. Usage of the eNoteFile Stripe integration is dependant on us having your billing details on file through our billing system. 
  11. In addition to the application fee charged by eNoteFile you will also be charged a transaction fee by Stripe. Refer to Stripe’s pricing documentation for your country 
  12. eNoteFile will not be held liable for any chargebacks or debts incurred by our customers. 
  13. Refunds and other accounting tasks can be achieved by logging into your Stripe account. We will provide links from eNoteFile to your Stripe account wherever we can to assist in making that process easy for you.